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Practical Strategies for Making Math Truly Work for All Students Institute

By: Krisen Feren Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning Escuela Campo Alegre

On September 22-23, math consultant Steve Leinwand facilitated an engaging, fast paced workshop at Escuela Campo Alegre (ECA) in Caracas, Venezuela entitled, Practical Strategies for Making Math Truly Work for All Students.  This workshop gave teachers practical strategies for translating the vision of the Common Core into classroom instruction.  Catering to the needs of teachers in grades K-10, Steve encouraged participants to look at how our tasks, our questions and the discourse we encourage in our classrooms create the engagement that leads to a depth of conceptual learning.  He modeled the high leverage instructional practices of on-going cumulative review, higher order questioning, embedding mathematics in context, alternative approaches, and the constant use of representations to ensure access to mathematics for all students.

A special thanks to AASSA for sponsoring this weekend workshop.  Fifty educators from ECA and around Venezuela participated and we are sure that this workshop will positively impact mathematical learning for countless students.


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