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AMISA New Candidates

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Ready to start your journey?

Are you ready to join an International School community? International schools typically have the following factors in common: 

  • Multi-cultural environments

  • College prep curriculum programs

  • Working in closely knit teams and communities

  • English as the main language of instruction

  • Bilingual / ELL students and communities

  • Faculty participation in after-school activities and numerous school-community events

Do you have some or all of the following attributes?

  • Flexibility in a desired location

  • Adaptable to change

  • Enjoy opportunities for travel

  • Passionate regarding your profession in education

  • Enjoy other cultures, food, people, and learning new things daily

  • Persevere and remain positive in challenging situations

Do you have what it takes?

Only Accepted AMISA Candidates can attend our Recruiting Events!

Our Schools Offer:

- Travel Opportunities and Life Changing Experiences

- Supportive Administrators and Colleagues

- Engaged Parents and Communities

- Well Behaved, Motivated Students

- Rewarding Work Environments

- Competitive Pay & Benefits

Live and work in another country and culture!

Become a Candidate Today!

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Please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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