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Recognizing Excellence within International Education

AMISA Global Citizen Award | Sponsored by TieCare International

The AMISA Global Citizen Award recognizes a student, or group of students, from AMISA Member Schools that have made exemplary contributions through a school and/or community-based service project. The project should be one that has created and inspired greater international understanding, has created positive local or global change, addresses a global challenge and/or has changed lives.   The total award amount is up to $2,500, with funds going directly to the school(s) to help the student, or group of students, continue to implement the project in their communities. The recipients of the award will receive a certificate from AMISA recognizing their achievement. ELIGIBILITY There may be only one submission per AMISA member school each year. The project must be the work of the student(s) and student applicants may be in any grade and must be able to clearly demonstrate the following award criteria: Commitment to at least one act of service that demonstrates exceptional involvement as a global citizen Involvement in meeting a legitimate need of the population Actions that have led to greater international understanding, local or global change, addressed a global challenge, or changed the lives of people in a lasting and meaningful way *Note: This award is not meant as recognition of academic achievement nor will students be considered based upon the sheer number of activities in which they are involved. It is, rather, a recognition of an outstanding contribution to an organization, project or charity as described above. APPLICATION DEADLINE  FEBRUARY 16

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This award is selected by the AMISA Board of Trustees and is given annually to an individual who has contributed to international education and to AMISA through significant contributions in each of the following areas: Leadership for learning - creativity in successfully meeting the needs of students in international schools Communication - strength in both personal and organizational communication Professionalism - constant improvement of administrative knowledge and skills, while providing professional development opportunities and motivation to others in the field of international education Enhancing AMISA - significant contributions to AMISA as an international organization


Margaret Sanders Foundation Scholarship | Sponsored by AAIE

Margaret Sanders' career with Walsworth Publishing Company began in 1961, where during the subsequent four decades she traveled the world assisting schools with the publication of their yearbooks. This exciting career afforded her the opportunity to develop a close identification with overseas “American/International” schools and their diverse and interesting populations. Mrs. Sanders established this scholarship fund to "give back” to the community that gave her so many exciting opportunities and personal rewards. More specifically, The Margaret Sanders Foundation was established to fund educational opportunities for members of the overseas schools community that she found within the AAIE family. High school students graduating from an AAIE Member School within the various educational Regions are eligible to apply. AMISA works with AAIE in the selection of finalists and one candidate from each region is put forward for the final selection process. The scholarships will be awarded to the students who demonstrate character strengths such as persistence and motivation, resourcefulness, and acceptance of other cultures and points of view. The nominated students should also display a genuine interest in, and sustained commitment to the welfare of others, as reflected through participation in school activities, and community/civic involvement. Factors considered in the selection process include academic achievement, financial need, and higher education and vocational aspirations that will impact future improvements within local and global communities. Leadership and service contributions that directly address community and societal needs and solutions will be considered in the selection process. Each AAIE/AMISA member school may nominate one candidate. Incomplete applications or applications received after this deadline will be disqualified.


AMISA Social Innovation Diamond Challenge

Created by the University of Delaware's Horn Entrepreneurship program in 2012, the Diamond Challenge is an internationally recognized innovation and entrepreneurship competition designed for high school students. The competition encourages young aspiring entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions, while providing them with the opportunity to showcase their ideas and receive feedback from a panel of international judges consisting of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. The AMISA Social Innovation Diamond Challenge is a unique pathway for students enrolled in AMISA schools to participate in the Diamond Challenge experience and potentially represent their school at the international Diamond Challenge Summit and have the opportunity to earn up to $12,500, to further advance their Social Impact projects. This competition aims to inspire young innovators across the AMISA network to develop sustainable solutions that address social challenges and drive positive change in their local communities.

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