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AMISA Recruiters

Welcome Recruiters

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Find Quality Teacher Candidates

The AMISA Recruiting Service is available exclusively to AMISA member schools. Use the AMISA Database to post jobs. It is our mission to connect AMISA schools to passionate educators looking to start or continue their career in international education.


Returning recruiters, please update your TENTATIVE and DEFINITE vacancies in the AMISA Recruiting Database!

Instructions for Recruiters


Register as a Recruiter

  • Log into the AMISA Database. Click on "New Recruiter Registration." All recruiters must register as a "new" recruiter each year.  Registration is good from July 1 to June 30 each year. When your request is submitted, the AMISA office will be informed, and you will be invoiced for the service. 

  • Once the invoice is paid, your registration as a recruiter will be approved. No refunds are provided once a school is granted access to the database.

  • Schools may register as many recruiters as needed at no additional cost. Each recruiter needs to be registered with a school email address, and each recruiter needs to use a unique email address and unique name (no duplicate names and no duplicate email addresses).

  • You will receive an email from us when you are paid and able to login and complete your online profile.


Keep Online Information Up To Date

  • Register early and post your potential and confirmed job openings.  Respond to Candidates in a timely manner and start to interview as soon as you have interest from qualified Candidates for your positions.


  • Notify us at as soon as you hire a Candidate in our database so that we can process the Candidate's file over to you. Please also update your vacancies once you fill a position.

  • Please promote the AMISA Recruiting Service to your own staff members seeking another job in our region and help to increase the number of qualified Candidates by recommending our Recruiting Service to those who contact you directly by referring them to AMISA.

Recruiting Service Costs

  Schools with fewer than 700 students:

1 Year Subscription:  $2,500

Schools with more than 700 students:

1 Year Subscription:  $3,500

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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