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AMISA Payments


AMISA's Payment Processing Services

AMISA offers a payment processing service for payment to vendors and overseas hires.  Payments are processed to accounts in the United States using ACH transfers, whereas payments to accounts in all other countries are done by wire transfer. AMISA maintains an account for each participating school and the school simply transfers funds to AMISA prior to a payment distribution.

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We have hired the payment service for more than 10 years and it has been really efficient. They adapt to our requirements quickly and effectively.



During my job as Treasurer at Colegio Nueva Granada in Colombia, I have had the opportunity to request several times the payment processing service provided by AMISA and it has been proven to be a secure and reliable solution for the school. They offer an affordable and quality payment processing service for our business. They are well organized keeping control of all the payment´s supports that we have requested, and the payments are always made on time. No doubt these services have helped our organization to make all international payments that we have needed on time.

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