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Looking for an international education job? Teach in the Americas - North, Central, South America and surrounding Caribbean islands.

The AMISA Recruiting Service is specific to the Americas and surrounding Caribbean islands.

  • Typically, there are vacancies annually for over 300 positions representing all K-12 educational fields. 

  • Our schools vary in size and offer a range of curriculums including “American international,” Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, as well as country-specific programs. 

  • Contracts typically include housing, medical benefits, shipping allowance, transportation, home leave and competitive salaries.

Teach Internationally in North, Central, South America and the surrounding Caribbean islands!

Attend the AMISA Virtual Recruitment Fair

As a Registered Candidate:

You are encouraged to attend the annual AMISA Recruiting Fair. This year, our fair will be completely virtual with a series of engagement events beginning in November. 

The AMISA Recruiting Fair--the first to be held each recruiting season--is specific to our member schools.  You are able to search for positions all year, and use our live chat with recruiters.

In addition, we have a partnership with International Schools Services (ISS) so our candidates can access the ISS recruiting service as well at no additional charge. 

As a Registered Recruiter:

You are welcome to participate in the 2021 AMISA Virtual Recruiting Fair, which is a series of virtual engagement events kicking off in November.

The fair is the first to be held each recruiting season and is open only to our member schools. Candidates attending the fair are interested in working in our region. In addition, AMISA has a partnership with International Schools Services (ISS) and ISS candidates can attend the AMISA fair which expands and enhances recruiter/candidate opportunities.

Recruiting Database

AMISA's Recruitment Database allows candidates to be connected with teaching opportunities and helps to fill teacher vacancies.

​AMISA's database allows candidates to:

  • Access specific information regarding our member schools such as population, curriculum, location, salaries and benefits, etc.

  • View job openings/vacancies, search for positions, and monitor them through instant email notification when new positions are listed.

  • Communicate directly with school recruiters regarding openings (including our new live chat feature).

  • School-based recruiters can access your application and references (and communicate directly with you).

AMISA's database allows recruiters to:

  • Access candidates' files and confidential references.

  • Post job openings/vacancies and information about your school.

  • Communicate directly with candidates easily within the system (including our new live chat feature).

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:

if you have any questions about our recruiting service.

Phone: 954-436-4034

Fax: 954-436-4092