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Meet the Lineup of AMISA 2023 Educators' Conference Speakers!

Join the AMISA Team in beautiful Guatemala for four days of professional learning, networking and fun! The 2023 AMISA Educators' Conference is hosted by AMISA and The American School of Guatemala with support from Colegio Maya. Our line-up of keynote speakers, conference presenters, and over 100 workshops from educators and partners is focused on highlighting the conference theme, Architects of Learning: A Conference on Co-designing.

In this article, we highlight our featured speakers of #AMISAEdCon '23, and check out the full lineup of speakers who have prepared engaging sessions and workshops to help you become an ARCHITECT of LEARNING here!

Let's begin with our keynote speakers, Warren Berger and Rosan Bosch.

WARREN BERGER developed his inquiry skills as a journalist for The New York Times but first declared himself a “questionologist” with the publication of his best-selling book, A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION. The book shows that questioning has been the starting point of everything from the cell phone, to Netflix, to the International Red Cross. In the book, Berger introduces an original framework (the “Why/What If/How” cycle of inquiry) that can be applied to all kinds of challenges and problems.

A More Beautiful Question has been embraced by the NASA space program, the U.S. Army, National Science Foundation, and companies such as Starbucks, Chanel, Pfizer, Oracle, Microsoft, Disney, and Pepsi, as well as by major universities around the country. Mr. Berger has conducted questioning workshops at NASA, Campbell Soup Company, and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and he designed and hosted a company-wide employee-training program on questioning for PepsiCo.

ROSAN BOSCH is founder and creative director of Rosan Bosch Studio. She is internationally renowned for her designs and inspiring perspectives on stimulating learning spaces. With design as a tool for innovation and change, Rosan challenges established cultures and norms. In close dialogue with the users, she transforms physical spaces into meaningful and significant experiences – from stimulating workspaces to libraries and schools for all ages.

Rosan is the creative force of the studio. She sets the course for the visions, concept development, user involvement and strategic decisions that provide holistic design solutions. Her new book 'Play to Learn - Designing for Uncertainty' is a hands-on inspirational guide to designing playful learning landscapes that place the learner at the center of the design and education. In Designing for a Better World Starts at School, she presents a new paradigm for future school designs that support human development and creativity. Using six principles for learning situations, she creates differentiated, imaginative and dynamic environments that meet the needs for diversity and flexibility in learning experiences. Click here to read more.

Attend the 2023 AMISA Educators' Conference to be inspired by our keynotes! Your registration also grants you access to three options for conference mini-series, led by Madeleine Maceda Heide, Jennifer Fero and Julie Stern. Continue reading to learn about our mini-series leaders!

Beginning first as an early childhood educator in her native Philippines where she taught two-year-olds in a unique parent cooperative school, Madeleine has had an extensive leadership career in international schools in Taipei, Brussels, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Quito, and Buenos Aires, serving in a variety of positions - educational coordinator, team leader, principal, teacher trainer, assistant superintendent, school director, and board member. Leading transformations big and small, welcoming complexity, Madeleine has invested in energizing communities toward innovation, provoking learning through courageous conversations, building healthy organizations through collaborative relationships, and developing diverse leaders focused on human-centered change.

Madeleine is currently navigating yet another exciting transition, having replanted herself as a new immigrant to Canada in rural Prince Edward County in southern Ontario. Claiming identity as a modern elder, she is using the many threads of her life to explore new arenas, and discover new super-powers. Madeleine is eager to contribute to the AMISA community by championing women seeking to expand their impact through leadership and is delighted to join this conference!

Born in Seoul, S. Korea, Jennifer Fero was raised in Portland, Oregon by her trans-racial adoptive family. Trailblazing has been part of her life, as the first Person Of Color in her family and continued as the first in her family to graduate from university. As a child, she played "school," as a professional, she gets to live out her childhood dream every day.

Presently, she serves as the Director of Community Schools for Gwinnett County Public Schools. She supports the implementation of wrap-around services through community partnerships that extend and expand learning for students and families, engaging the community in schools through shared leadership and practices for a district of 182,000 students and 142 schools. Click here to read more.

Julie Stern is passionate about synthesizing the best of education research into practical tools that support educators in breaking free of the industrial model of schooling and moving toward teaching and learning that promotes sustainability, equity, and well-being. She is a four-time, best-selling author of Learning That Transfers: Designing Curriculum for a Changing World, Visible Learning for Social Studies, and Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, Elementary and Secondary. She is a James Madison Constitutional Fellow and taught social studies for many years in Washington, DC and her native Louisiana. Julie moves internationally every few years with her husband, a US diplomat, and her two young sons.

Our featured consultants include educational leaders who have made a global impact on education. From a former US Public School District Superintendent to a Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, we're sure to have speakers who will ignite your co-designing process. Click each photo below to learn more about our featured consultants.

Are you ready to begin co-designing to build the future of our schools? Register today for the 2023 AMISA Educators' Conference. The registration deadline is March 1.

Spread the word on social media using the conference hashtag, #AMISAEdCon.


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