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Why Teacher Development Programs Matter: How It Affects Student Success and Retention

Written By: Ryan Stevenson, School Partnership Manager, Teach Away

Many schools prioritize professional development for teachers, and for good reason - it boosts their experience and encourages growth. But have you considered the impact a successful PD program can have on student performance and engagement?

The results of the NAEP's recent tests show that learning loss continues to be a problem during the pandemic. As a result, students need help finding the regular help they need to learn coupled with newer pandemic-related challenges.

Students need trained teachers. And teachers need the relevant training to have the biggest chance of succeeding in their profession.

The Significance Of Effective Teacher Training

Teacher development is essential to a student's success. It provides teachers with the latest strategies and tactics and helps them navigate the challenges today's students face.

What Are Teacher Development Programs (TDPs)?

TDPs are professional development programs designed to continue a teacher's career development. PD can also be used to meet education initiatives, like the US Department of Education's Student Engagement Initiative, which aims to ensure every student has access to high-quality learning.

The Teacher Development Program (TDP) developed by Teach Away is an asynchronous online professional development program for international schools. TDP follows a U.S. framework, which places AMISA schools in a perfect position for the program. The coursework is based on an American curriculum and meets the Hawai’i and Arizona accreditation standards, allowing schools to upskill their staff with the current and best teaching practices in education.

With a flexible study plan, teachers are set-up for success through on-demand lessons in a user-friendly environment. Each week educators will submit assignments and reflections to an online grader who will provide professional feedback to enhance their learning.

TDP helps teachers develop their understanding of students on a deeper level with the program's comprehensive, research-based, and pedagogically-sound content.

Impact Of Teacher Development On Student Success

TDPs ultimately affect the overall success of the students and the school through its impact on several critical factors. The positive impact a teacher's professional development has on their students is proven.

Improved Student Performance

Research shows that if teachers participate in a quality professional development program, they can raise their students' success rate by a considerable 21%. The same study shows that professional development affects student achievement by enhancing teacher knowledge and skills, improving classroom teaching, and raising student achievement.

Increased Student Engagement

A study designed to improve teachers' skills in creating personalized learning environments indicated that teachers who received special training reported higher levels of student engagement than students of teachers who had not.

Student engagement has many positive associations, including academic achievement and social-emotional well-being.

How Teacher Development Benefits Schools

Reduced Recruitment And Training Costs

Quality professional development programs are a minimum requirement in today's teacher market. Schools that can stand out from their competitors and offer teachers career growth save on future recruitment and training costs.

Teacher Retention

When teachers stay in their schools, the whole educational system benefits. Professional development programs like TDP attract and retain new teaching talent to your school and boost morale amongst your staff by supporting their development.

TDP is also a foundational building block for future teachers interested in becoming certified. Teach Away also offers a Teacher Certification Program, which goes a step further allowing teachers to obtain a US accredited teacher license post-qualification.

Key Takeaways

  1. Studies show that Teacher Development Programs can impact student success by 21% and report higher student engagement than teachers who have not completed a TDP.

  2. TDPs are an effective way for schools to adapt to today's teacher market while reducing recruitment and training costs.

  3. TDPs attract and retain new teaching talent in your school.

Click to learn more about Teach Away's Teacher Development Program.

About Teach Away

Teach Away offers solutions that provide innovative ways to license, recruit, and expand the impact of great teachers. Their customizable programs help create a healthy teacher pipeline at every level, including recruitment, teacher certification, and 1:1 online academic support with live teachers.

AMISA schools are a perfect fit for the TDP, for further information or to book a call, please contact Ryan Stevenson on


Ryan Stevenson

"As a School Partnership Manager, Ryan has been working with international schools and groups in LATAM to advise about Teach Away's recruitment platform, and Development Programs. With more enrolments last year coming from LATAM than any other region, Teach Away are looking forward to working with more AMISA schools in 2023, in helping to improve the development opportunities for local staff, and for schools to attract a more diverse and international workforce"


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