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Out with the old. In with the new: The AMISA newsletter has moved to our blog!
In order to bring you more engaging content in a modern, easy-to-share format, we've changed our newsletter to a

In the past, AMISA published a Newsletter three times a year and the document was shared electronically. Instead of waiting for our newsletter, you can now access up-to-date articles throughout the year!

Interested in submitting an article for our blog? Are you a partner and would like your ad displayed on future blog posts? Interested in reading past newsletters? Well, keep scrolling for all this and more!

Submit an Article

Submit An Article


Are you an educator with a unique perspective on international education? Do you want to share your research with our audience? Are you a company with information that would benefit our educators?


If you said "yes" to one of the questions above, we'd love for you to submit an article to the AMISA blog!

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Submit a Partner Ad



This is an exclusive feature only available to AMISA Partner Members!

Have a special offer for our educators? We'd like to help spread the word by placing your ad on the AMISA blog and on the Partners Ads and Offers page.


Submission Deadlines


AMISA publishes articles throughout the year on the AMISA blog, designed to share research on international education and best practices and to spread important information about our schools and member organizations.

To ensure that our readers receive this great resource when they need it, we ask that article and Partner ads/offers submissions are sent to us by the deadlines listed below.

Cycle #1

Accepting Submissions:

August 26, 2022

Cycle #2

Submission Deadline:

January 20, 2023

Cycle #3

Submission Deadline:

April 22, 2023

Newsletter Archive

Newsletter Archive

Read Past Editions of the AMISA Newsletter:
Searching for a past article? Click through our archive of newsletters since September 2019.

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