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We've Rebranded Our Newsletter! Here's What To Expect.

Hello educators! You may have noticed that we've been making some major changes here at AMISA. From our name change (AASSA to AMISA) and a transformed website, to brand new talent on our team. Since our slogan is "Better Together," we wondered what else could do to enhance your experience? The answer: a new and improved newsletter!

After numerous brainstorming sessions, focus groups, and data analysis, here's what our team learned from you (our members and subscribers):

We can stay small AND stand out! You can expect bold colors, and a fresh look!

Our organization prides itself on its tight-knit, community feel. However, we won't let that stop us from bringing you content that stands out! You will see bold colors and eye-catching graphics in our blog posts!

You said our old newsletter was too long. You can expect shorter, bite-size posts, for educators, by educators.

Our old newsletter was full of great information, research-based articles, member benefits and more. However, you said it was too long and a bit overwhelming.

We dug into our bag of teaching strategies and pulled out chunking! Moving forward, we will chunk our newsletter into smaller bite-size, easy-to-digest blog posts.

Also, each newsletter blog post will follow a theme, keeping the information focused and on-trend! Our newsletter blog posts for the January-March cycle will follow the theme, Perspectives: International Education Through Multiple Perspectives.

You want special offers and discounts. You can expect exclusive offers from our partners!

You asked for it, and we're bringing it to you! Yes, our old newsletter did feature ads from our awesome partner members, highlighting exclusive offers for teachers at our member schools. We're now making it easier to take advantage of the great deals featured in those ads. Just click on the partner ad/graphic and explore more information!

We'll be featuring ads and special offers from our partners!

You want to engage with us. Expect content that you'll want to like, comment, and share.

Yes, here at AMISA we are married to our member schools, but one of our favorite words is still ENGAGEMENT! See what I did there? Tee hee! In our efforts to increase member engagement, we're bringing you a newsletter that you can interact with. How can you interact? You can like, comment, share, and subscribe!

Educators, by nature, love to share their knowledge. The new AMISA newsletter will allow you to share newsletter posts directly to your social media pages with a click of a button! Find share buttons at the top and bottom of each post to share the research-based articles on international education trends. After you share a post, be sure to leave a comment!

Educators bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that we hold in high regard! So, let us hear from you! If a post sparks a question or a new idea, tell us in the comment section. This will allow AMISA staff and educators across the region to reply. Let's get the conversation going!

And no need to worry, we're still that same small, tight knit team dedicated to the member schools in our region, which includes South America, Central American, North America, and the surrounding Caribbean Islands. We have the same great services, we're just kicking it up a notch!

As a part of our goal to refresh our brand while bringing you the latest in international education, we've decided to rebrand our newsletter!

Your Exit Ticket

We hope you will enjoy our rebranded newsletter, coming to you in the form of eye-catching, bite size, easy-to-digest, engaging blog posts for educators across our region. Remember, we're still that same small AASSA/AMISA team you've come to love. We're just doing all we can to bring you what's most important to you in a way that will keep you captivated! Remember, we're Better Together!

Here's your exit ticket... Scroll down and leave a comment telling us one thing you'd like to see in our newsletter moving forward! Trust me, we'll do our best to make it happen!

Want to reach out via email? Contact our team at

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