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WIDA Annual Conference

WIDA at the University of Wisconsin has provided leadership for educators of English language learners for more than a decade. 39 US states belong to the WIDA Consortium and over two million students take WIDA assessments worldwide. WIDA’s International programs provide research-based standards, professional learning, and assessments for 230 schools as part of the WIDA International School Consortium.

The WIDA Annual Conference provides opportunities to grow professionally, learn new teaching strategies and build collaborative relationships with educators from around the world. The 5th WIDA Annual Conference is scheduled for October 16-19, 2017 in Tampa, FL. This annual event has emerged as the premier event for PK-12 teachers of ELLs. One participant shared: The most worthwhile conference in this field that I’ve ever attended. Variety, professionalism, insight and practicality. Outstanding keynotes and invigorating workshops in a variety of formats. Anyone who cares about the education of ELLs should attend. International educators are encouraged to submit proposals and should plan now to attend the conference as it is expected to fill up.

WIDA is now seeking proposals for an international track to focus on implementation of the WIDA K-12 English language development standards and assessment system in international schools. Session proposals might address the following topics:

  1. How do international schools use an asset-based approach to teaching and assessing language development among language learners?

  2. What systems have international schools developed to support admissions and placement, grading processes, or community and family engagement?

  3. How is data used in international schools to inform decisions, programming, and goal setting for language learners?

  4. How have international schools prepared teachers to work with and implement the WIDA ELD Standards and Assessment System?

Share your voice today! Join WIDA and thousands of educators worldwide to discover what your learners can do.

Details on proposal requirements and other information for presenters is available at

The current deadline for proposal submissions is January 20, 2017.


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