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The Role of Creativity in the 21st Century Classroom

by Yau-Jau Ku Elementary Team Leader and 3rd Grade Co-Teacher Colegio International Puerto La Cruz (CIPLC) Barcelona, Venezuela

As the year comes quickly to a close, my teammate and I reflected back to think about the importance of “creativity” for a classroom. In our inaugural year of piloting a 1:1 program with i Pads, we quickly realized the necessity of maintaining balance when integrating technology into the classroom. While our 3rd grade geckos loved using devices without a doubt; we also saw a love for creating, performing, and inventing. Providing them with ample opportunities to be creative allowed for students to push outside their comfort zones and truly develop a sense of self within their community and globally. As a norm, failure was inevitable and seen as a positive. We had constant discussions on providing feedback to help each other problem solve any challenges when facing a project. In the end, creativity is just the spark needed for students to find their passions and become global problem solvers and thinkers of the 21st century. 11 Ways to Foster Creativity to Enhance 21st Century Learning Skills with Students 1. Take Photographs 2. Make Self Portraits and Avatars 3. Connect for a Mystery Skype 4. Home Family Challenges 5. Student Led Conferences 6. Use Twitter in Class 7. Host an App Smack Down 8. Make A Change Projects 9. Collaborative Improv 10. Add an Array of Presentation Tools 11. Participate in Global Wide-Events

Here is a look back at our year, month by month in the format of 6 word essays of how creativity took a role in our 3rd grade classroom.




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