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Social Media For Presenters

AASSA believes in

connecting via Social media as an integral part of AASSA’s goal to connect International educators across the region to and with each other for networking purposes, sharing pedagogical interests, best practices and global connections. AASSA encourages the CREATION of media and DOCUMENTATION of learning through the PARTICIPATION of attendees during conference sessions and conversations as well as the LONG TERM creation of a learning community.

In preparation for AASSA’s Educators’ Conference next month in Lima, Peru, Silvia Tolisano with invited guests April Yetsko, Chris Davis, Silvana Meneghini and Joe Koss held a Google Hangout to talk about the use of Social Media at conferences.

The focus was on tips and suggestions for presenters to

  1. involve their participants in sharing and connecting their learning via social media at the conference

  2. raise awareness of the learning potential of social media

  3. support skill development of continuing learning connections beyond the physical conference days among educators in the AASSA region

Find the slidedeck used during the hangout to guide the conversation below as well as the recording of the conversation.


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