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Professional Development Sense

By Emily Cave, Literacy Coach, Colegio International Puerto La Cruz (CIPLC)


Collaboration, idea gathering, brainstorming, problem solving, and networking can and should exist in every professional development opportunity or conference for teachers. At Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz (CIPLC), we have dedicated our efforts in this direction. To start, CIPLC staff conducted an “unconference.” Using the Edcamp approach, participants developed session topics on the morning of the event and Twitter was utilized to capture learning and involve others from around the globe. Rather than the traditional “stand and deliver” method of professional development, teachers construct knowledge together on topics they are most interested in. Topics ranged from collaboration on writing integration to online learning, and parent involvement. The organic nature of arranging sessions coupled with being tied to teachers’ immediate interest led to a highly interactive and productive day. Seeing that people from around the world were tuning in and adding on to our discussion energized us further!


Building on the momentum of our first Edcamp, CIPLC will be hosting the annual conference between schools in the Eastern Venezuela Athletic Conference (EVAC). Imagine. Educators from multiple schools will join us. We will have broader collaboration, more idea sharing, and an exponentially expanding professional learning network. Would you like to join us? The party starts Friday September 20, 2013. Rediscovering Writing: Relevance Through Passion, Purpose and Process will be the theme. Can’t make the drive? Attend the Edcamp portion of our conference through Twitter #edcampVenezuela. You may run into an old friend from across the globe.


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