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Next GIN Conference in Latin America: Time to beGIN

Time to beGIN

Dear Directors and Administrators,

The American School Foundation of Monterrey formally invites your students to take part in the Global Issues Network conference on-campus from March 19-21, 2015. Global Issues Network’s mission is to empower young people to collaborate locally, regionally and globally in order to create sustainable solutions for global issues. These twenty current issues are outlined in the book High Noon written by former World Bank Vice President Jean-Francois Rischard. Global Issues Network (GIN) holds conferences around the world, so students can share projects they have developed, displaying their efforts to lead sustainable lives in their local communities.

The three-day conference will allow students to present their project, participate in workshops with renowned environmental activists, and connect with like-minded students from other schools and regions. Entrepreneurs like Beth Doane (RainTees) and Ken Surriette (WATERisLIFE) will provide keynote addresses at the conference, discussing their work in hopes of inspiring a new generation of global citizens. Non-governmental organizations will be in attendance to seek out student projects for potential future networking opportunities.

Students that would like to attend the conference will:

  1. Develop a project to solve a local issue

  2. Present their project to advisors and students at the conference.

  3. Create a short video preview used to advertise their presentation.

The fee to attend the conference is 200USD per participant and advisor, which will include all conference day meals and transportation from the hotel to school. The hotel partner for the conference is Novotel, a Planet21 certified accommodation that will offer a quadruple-occupancy room with a buffet breakfast for 115USD/night. They will hold guaranteed rooms for conference participants until January 15, 2015. Registration for the conference will remain open until February 27, 2015 on our official website.

If you have any questions with regards to registration, or developing GIN as a club or class at your school, please contact Arjun Sree, the student executive of the Networking Department. It is “Time To Begin, Time To Be GIN!”




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