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Nations’ Mosaic project

by Nathália Silva, Communications Coordinator, School of the Nations, Brasilia


Nations’ Mosaic Project encourages the arts, inspires sustainable practices, and provides leadership opportunities to students in collaboration with our school community. One day, we would like to transform every gray cement surface at school into a beautiful mosaic. Fourth grade teacher, Ms. Lisa Goochee, who has an extensive background in Mosaic Arts, together with Wanda Meyer, school’s architect, came up with the idea for the project in 2012.


Planning began in 2013. With support from administrators, Ms. Goochee led a twenty-member student-leadership team representing grades 2-12 whose job it was to create the mosaic. They wanted the project to be environmental friendly so they decided to use reclaimed tiles for at least half of the project and fundraise to buy the other half.

The team organized a huge Flea Market to raise funds. Parents, students, teachers and friends rented tables to sell crafts and other used goods. It was a success! The Flea Market provided the needed funds to buy most of the remaining tiles.

Students created designs for the mosaic during Art classes and, from these, chose two designs. Parents donated many of the pieces in the form of ceramic plates and mugs, stones and crystals, which has given a unique identity and peculiarity to our mosaic. We have pieces from all over the world!

We wanted to make our mosaic as rare and creative as possible, so we invited a commissioned ceramic artist, Mr. Paulo de Paula, to be part of the project team. He designed the globe and the quote in the mosaic. We finished the designing phase in October 2014. It was then time to make it!

Making the mosaic took two weeks and the help of many students and teachers. It is about 80% finished, and we will complete it in January 2015. Planning is underway for phase two, in which we will transform all the stairs on the Elementary playground into mosaics. The playground will look just a little bit like Barcelona’s Gaudi Park!

Ms. Wanda Meyer said that this project is beautiful in every way: “As we approach the renovation of facilities process, we wanted to keep a few areas that could represent the identity we have in our school right now. This playground area will be something for alumni to remember and relate. Every aspect of this project is brilliant – the sustainability, the involvement of the school community and the beautification of an important area.”


We appreciate everyone’s initiative in making our school more beautiful! We count on our school community to continue this project and spread this spirit all around our school.


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