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Allly Week- Gay-Straight Alliance of Asociacion Escuelas Lincoln,

This year, the American International School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, hosted Ally Week an international youth-led event encouraging students and staff to be allies with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) members of their community in standing against bullying and name-calling as well as developing skills to become stronger allies in order to create a safer environment in our school.

 Tuesday, Oct 13 — Pledge to be an Ally Students and staff pledged to be an ally, publicly announcing that they would not use anti-LGBT language or slurs, intervene in situations where students are being harassed, and support efforts to make our school safe for all students. Staff members also received a Safe Space poster to post in their classrooms.


Wednesday, Oct 14 — “Love is All You Need?” The GSA screened a short video called “Love is All You Need?” which reverses the world and makes being gay “normal” and straight “different”. GSA members engaged the audience in a discussion about the implications of that video.


Thursday, Oct 15 — “What to Do if Someone Comes Out to You” Workshop Students led the audience in a workshop that shows some typical impolite ways to respond to an LGBT person that comes out (e.g. “Are you sure? You’re just confused.”) and provided strategies to respond more tactfully.


Friday, Oct 16 — Rainbow Party The GSA will hosted an outdoor party with a playlist of music from important LGBT musicians or LGBT themes and shared rainbow colors desserts.


The Grade 6 Health class also came to interview GSA members and advisors about the GSA and what it meant to be an ally.


Finally, students made a rainbow colored flag with their handprints to show solidarity.


Throughout the week, there were posters around the campus of famous LGBT allies and their thoughts.


The library also showcased all the LGBT literature available at the school.


To follow the events at @LincolnAEL, search #AllyWeek on Twitter.

Ally Week is hosted by the Gay-Straight alliance. Violeta Bullrich (@violebullrich), 12, student leader Josefino Rivera (@josefinor), Geoff Peate (@geoffpeate), and Sarah Waldron (@misswaldron12), advisors


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