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Atlanta International School Students Make A Difference: #MyFreedomDay

Source: CNN

March 16th, 2022 is #MyFreedomDay - a day-long student-driven event to raise awareness of modern slavery. This is a message from Kevin Glass, Head of School at Atlanta International School.


Today, the Atlanta International School will take action against human trafficking with our sixth annual #MyFreedomDay Campaign.

#MyFreedomDay 2021 was a tremendous success despite the global pandemic that kept many students in virtual classrooms. Incredibly, students and teachers still managed to come up with unique ways to mark this global day of action to raise awareness about human trafficking. According to the CNN Freedom Project, #MyFreedomDay 2021 made nearly 2 billion impressions on social media and involved students and young people from 140 countries.

Here is a glimpse into what the day looked like: Highlights from #MyFreedomDay 2021

Even though schools in some parts of the world are still grappling with the pandemic, our goal remains the same: to reach as many students and educators as possible. In some countries, students are back in school. In others, we must still look for ways to overcome obstacles to hosting live events on our campuses.

The truth is, criminals will welcome distractions and take even greater advantage when the spotlight is off them, driving their criminal enterprise back into the shadows. With finances, resources, support services and law enforcement stretched to the limits tackling a generational health crisis – hope will seem further away than ever for many of the victims.

It is more important than ever that we continue to find creative ways to keep this issue in the public consciousness.

To that end, CNN is asking individuals and organizations across the globe to participate in this day of action against modern-day slavery. If you participate, please fill out this form and share your story with us: #MyFreedomDay 2022 Participation Form

We encourage students to utilize social media, using the hashtag #MyFreedomDay, to share stories about the action they take today and everyday to end modern day slavery. We also encourage students to think about the question, “What are you doing to help end slavery?”

Thank you for being part of this global campaign. We look forward to seeing the results of everyone’s creativity and passion!

Kevin Glass

Mike McCarthy

Executive Vice President and General Manager, CNN International


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