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Math in the “Real World” Institute

Christine Passmore, Alliance Academy, Quito, Ecuador

For several years, Alliance Academy International has partnered with Teachers 2 Teachers Global, a US-based organization that exists to equip Math teachers around the world, particularly those who work in areas with limited resources. On Thursday, March 1, AAI hosted 103 teachers from AASSA and local schools to participate in a Math Conference titled “Math in the Real World.” Teachers 2 Teachers Global brought 10 US university professors with expertise in Math, Science, and Computer Science to lead the conference.

The sessions included topics that targeted PS-12 Math standards, and all of the teachers who participated left with concrete strategies for how they can help their students see the real-world applications of the math concepts they are teaching. However, the richest part of the conference is what happened throughout the week during site visits. The university professors visited all of the participating school sites, and worked one-on-one with Math, Science, and Computer Science teachers. Each school organized either instructional coaching, observations, model lessons, or seminars. At AAI, we had T2T teachers working with our 3rd, 5th, and 10th grade Math teachers, and the experience was enriching and helpful. All of the teachers appreciated the one-on-one support. We are so thankful that AASSA hosted this conference, and that T2T Global partners with schools in Ecuador.


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