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Kinder Students Serve the Community

Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito

The kindergarten classes at Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador have been actively participating in community service and most recently participated in a project with a local Senior Citizen Center that benefits from regular support from the school’s students, teachers and parents. The center was built last year with funds raised by the Lower School students during a Walk-a-Thon.

The kinder visit was a wonderful way to end the students’ unit of study on plants. As one of the culminating activities, the children transplanted geraniums, daisies and other flowering plants donated by their parents into pots provided by the school. The students then brought the plants to the Senior Center and shared a snack and music with the elderly.

To start off the visit, the kinder choir sang some jazzy songs that got everyone’s hands clapping. The senior citizens then offered up a song of their own. Students, senior citizens, parents and teachers brought the mini-concert to a close with a boisterous and heartwarming version of Los pollitos dicen.

After the presentation, the kinder children, along with teachers and parents, passed out sandwiches, fruit and juice.  The children then joined the senior citizens to share a moment together eating their snacks and getting to know each other.

The visit to the Senior Center visit helped Colegio Menor’s kinder students get acquainted with their neighbors and showed them the importance of contributing to the community. The school will continue to work hard to deepen the children’s appreciation for community involvement.

Quito Elem

In this photo, Colegio Menor kinder students share songs with the members of the Senior Center


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