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Journeys in Podcasting

In the spirit of “keeping the spirit” of #AASSA15’s conference theme alive, Making Connections- No Teacher is an Island, we want to share Chris Davis‘project from  Colegio Nueva Granada in Bogota, Colombia,

Chris  describes the mission of Journeys in Podcasting as follows

Every year schools have initiatives that stem from the philosophical structure of the institution, but between the pillars, in the interstices, teaches design and weave the living fabric of the learning community.  That is where our project for Journeys in Podcasting began, in the spaces of spandrels where teachers work from their creative strengths.  The first step of our goal is to document the creative teaching practices among our community.  Our second goal is to research within our community, pooling knowledge from all heads on a topic or practice.  Then through a series of readings and video conferences we research beyond with experts at the university level, with fellow practitioners, or the professional world.

Here are the links to follow, like, subscribe, download or share Journeys in Podcasting.

Chris and Allana Rumble from Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Lima, Peru) sat down in Curaçao and recorded the following podcast to talk about interdisciplinary learning.


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