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Innovate for Impact

Guatemala Google Summit 2018 By: Ginger Carlson, Colegio Americano de Guatemala

Technology is changing the way we do things. It is changing the way we access and use information, what jobs and opportunities are available for our graduates, and the way we think, create, communicate and operate in the day-to-day. Through these changes, we have more access, more connection, and more opportunities to make significant impacts on the world around us.

With these changes in mind, and how we can best prepare our students to navigate them, Colegio Americano de Guatemala (CAG) started 2018 with enthusiasm! Early this last January, CAG was honored to bring teachers together from schools across North and Latin America to host the first Google Summit ever in Guatemala and the first Student Summit in all of Latin America. The participants included 134 CAG faculty members, 76 educators from other schools, and 100 CAG high schools students. These creators of new knowledge gathered together to learn new tools, discuss inspiring ideas, experiment with new media, and Innovate for Impact!

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