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Grow your AASSA Learning Network

Mark your calendars for AASSA’s first slow Twitter Chat!

When: September 27, 2017

Starting: 8 am EST

How Long: You have the entire day to read, respond and tweet

Where: Twitter (use #AASSA Hashtag)

Twitter Chat Moderators: Silvia Tolisano @langwitches (AASSA), Nigel Winnard  @NigelJWinnard (EARJ, Brazil) & Daniela Silva @iLearnDSilva (Roosevelt, Peru)

Connecting via Social media is an integral part of AASSA’s goal to connect international educators across the region and the world to and with each other for networking purposes, sharing pedagogical interests, best practices and global connections.

Take advantage of chatting, learning and collaborating with other international educators from the AASSA region. Build and grow your learning network. Meet and deepen professional relationships formed online, when meeting face to face at a physical conference.

Starting at 8 am EST on Wednesday, September 27, under the topic: What do you want to achieve as an international educator this year?. We will release four questions during the day and will be using the  Q1 – A1 format, ie: when answering Q3 begin your tweet with A3, etc.

  1. You can read and respond to the question at any time during the day

  2. Connect with other chat participants

  3. Engage in 1:1 conversations about the topic by using the #AASSA hashtag

Looking forward to having you participate and share your thinking and learning as an international educator!


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