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Deeper Learning in our Project Based World

On February 27 and 28, Cayman International School welcomed author, journalist, and Buck Institute contributor Suzie Boss to share her expertise on Project Based Learning (PBL) at the AASA Institute: “Deeper Learning in our Project Based World.” Cayman International School was interested in hosting this event to support and move forward its own work in PBL, as well as share and learn from other AASA members. For the past two years CIS has trained its teachers on the basic tenets of PBL. The elementary school has committed to two grade-level projects per year and was particularly interested in focusing on how to assess the at-times, messy process of students exploring an original and authentic question. The secondary school staff’s focus has been on refining the process of deeper student learning while engaged in projects: what does the learning actually look like and how do we facilitate this?

Workshops focusing on transforming Essential Questions into Driving Questions, Student Voice and Choice, and Increasing Community Participation were offered. The largest portion of time was dedicated to teams of teachers actually planning units using the lessons and insights shared by Suzie.


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