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Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt Declared a Model Healthy School by the Peruvian Ministry of Health and

By Cynthia Sturner (Peruvian Program Director) & Mary Nakada (Communications Director), Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt


On Tuesday, August 20, 2013, Colegio Roosevelt was recognized by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education as a “Model Healthy School” for all the healthy and environmentally-conscious practices implemented over the years: healthy kiosks and nutritious lunches, filtered water stations, plastic bottle reduction, greener school buses, recycling stations, and much more.


Mr. Kerry Jacobson, Superintendent of FDR with Mrs. Midori de Habich, Health Minister of Peru making the official presentation of the award

This recognition was presented to the school by the Minister of Health, Mrs. Midori de Habich, who visited students in their classrooms and around campus to learn how our school embraces and practices healthy habits.

This is a wonderful accomplishment for the school considering many of these healthy practices were initiated and driven by our students.

The school was evaluated in the following areas in order to obtain this distinction:

  1. Administrative Leadership

  2. Pedagogical/Curriculum Leadership

  3. Cleanliness of facilities and school in general

  4. Clean drinking water

  5. Promotion of healthy nutrition and eating habits – Healthy kiosks

  6. Sports and Extracurricular Activities

  7. Sexual Education

  8. Promotion of mental health and a culture of peace and well-being (school climate for students)

  9. Prevention of infectious diseases

  10. Risk Management – Evacuation/Emergency Procedures and Contingency plans

  11. Traffic Education and culture

The Minister of Health of Peru, Mrs. Midori de Habich stated: “I congratulate Colegio Roosevelt for achieving the distinction of being a Model Healthy School, upon verifying with specialists of both Ministries that it complies with all the elements associated with this distinction.


    * Healthy Breakfasts *all week*, courtesy of the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) * Carousel of Healthy Activities for Primary School and Secondary School Students including: Yoga, Meditation, Sports, how to make healthy snacks (Smoothies!) * Importance of proper hand washing for health and prevention of diseases * Sponsored Run for Grade 6-8 students  * Dental Health Care for Primary School students  * Massage Therapy for faculty and staff * Libraries and Media Center highlight of all books related to health and healthy living*


Students in EC-3 show their clean hands after demonstrating the correct way of washing hands with Mrs. Midori de Habich, Minister of Health.

The visit took place during our “Healthy Habits Week” which ran from August 19 through August 24, which included a palette of Healthy Habits for students and the community to participate in:

Colegio Roosevelt’s efforts came to the attention of the Ministry of Health and Education, by one of our students, Christopher Dryden, a then 9th grade student, who e-mailed Mrs. De Habich and invited representatives of the Ministry of Health to visit our school back in June.

Christopher’s proposal was that Colegio Roosevelt could be an example for how other schools can achieve, step by step, the goal of being a Model Healthy School: It only requires educating the community, promoting awareness at all levels of the school, a desire to carry it out and an educational community committed to the process and the ongoing progress of this goal. Christopher Dryden will be working on a GIN project on how to bring this message to other schools in Peru, so they too can learn from Colegio Roosevelt’s experience and also become a “Model Healthy School”

We are proud of our educational community for their commitment and support of Health Education and for providing our students with the knowledge and skills they need to become successful learners and healthy and productive adultsTambién en el 2009, Shallah Mohammed, una alumna de tercero de media, perteneciente al Club de Ecología (Eco Club) como parte de un proyecto para la reducción de los residuos de plástico como parte de la gestión ambiental del colegio (Green Team), pidió al directorio la prohibición de la venta de agua en botellas de plástico en la escuela porque ya teníamos agua purificada de fácil acceso en el colegio. .



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