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AASSA Educators’ Conference 2017

AASSA Educators’ Conference Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

March 30 – April 1, 2017 Main Conference


Based around the theme of (Re), the conference design is centered around a collaborative think-tank whose aim is to (re)think and (re)invent international education.  The conference will feature 3 keynoters (Craig Johnston, Michael Ehrhardt and Myron Dueck) who will challenge, respectively, the current system of international education, the teachers, and the students.

We will have a wide variety of sessions, most of which will be collaborative by design:  Teacher Workshops, Ted Talk workshops, cohorts each day of the conference, reverse mentoring sessions led by EARJ students, Edcamp, and a Learning Fair Gallery.  In addition, we are planning an all-day institute each day for up to 100 conference participants (different each day) to work with our three presenters to drill deeper into the reinvention.

Please take a look at the video – (Re) 2017 Conference Teaser for further information on the theme and we hope to see you in Rio!


We are currently accepting the proposals for four types of presentation: (All proposals are due: October 17, 2016)

  1. Ted Talk Workshop Information

  2. The first step is to select a Ted Talk that you are interested in and supports the conference theme of “Re” (ReInvent, ReImagine, ReNew, ReThink, ReMake, Etc. – International Education). The format of the Ted Talk Workshop is to show the audience the selected Ted Talk, and after the viewing you summarize the talk and share your view of how it relates to the “Re” theme and your professional practice;  lastly, you facilitate a discussion with the audience on the topic. All Ted Talk Workshops should be approximately fifty minutes to one hour in length.


Learning Fair Gallery Information and Guidelines

Description: Exhibition of student/professional examples that are (Re)lated to learning.  This will be a way to share student &/or professional work that you are proud of (and will be displayed with the aspect of “sharing” in mind) in an effort to (Re)examine learning.  When possible or if pertinent you may want to bring student products to demonstrate the learning that you would like to share.

Facilitators may choose one of the following methods (below) to share. Also, please note that sharing requires a short verbal presentation of approximately 10 minutes so participants of the fair can move through the exhibition. Facilitators should be prepared to give their presentation at least 5 to 6 times during the one hour learning fair:

a)   Bring a poster (or two) to display that can be easily transported and simply tacked up on a display board. Facilitators should also bring a product/sample of professional or student work which they are willing to discuss and supports their display.


b)   Bring a laptop or iPad to:

  1. display work

  2. play a video from your school or YouTube

  3. show a PPT/slideshow presentation

and discuss/present on the topics shared


Rankings of workshops from HOS are due:

October 25th

All proposals are due: October 17, 2016


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