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AASSA Connect Workshop: Renewing your ‘Soul’ Purpose: Self Care for Teachers and Leaders

Join Kristen Moreland in Renewing your ‘Soul’ Purpose: Self Care for Teachers and Leaders

Workshop Dates:

  1. February 22, 2021

  2. March 1, 2021

  3. March 8, 2021

Meeting Times: 4:00-5:00pm ET

Audience: K-12 Educators

Free for AASSA Members! Register Now!


Series Overview

Distance Learning. Synchronous or asynchronous or hybrid – or a combination of all three? Zoom fatigue. Always on, always accessible. Haven’t had a vacation in weeks….And so on, and so on. When ‘teaching from the distance,’ to-do lists become never-ending filled with new, competing ‘non-negotiables.’ ‘Burnout’ feels more like an inevitability than a passing idea. With all of this, it is easy to lose sight of the reasons we do this work and the inherent joy within. Join Kristen for interactive sessions to guide you through a revitalization process that examines four pillars for any educator: 1) Show up everyday – physically, mentally and emotionally. 2) Hold high standards – for yourself and your students. 3) Love your students unconditionally. 4) Know your ‘why’ for each day. Together, we will share stories, find inspiration, and identify healing practices to support the soul of every educator.

Kristen Moreland | Workshop Facilitator

With more than two decades of experience in education around the globe, Kristen Moreland is committed to bringing humanity back to education. In addition to training in Cognitive Coaching, Adaptive Schools and Facilitative Leadership, Kristen holds a Bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Colorado and Masters degrees in Social Work and International Development from the University of Denver. A lifelong learner, she is now pursuing the Certificate of Advanced Educational Leadership from Harvard University. A former adjunct professor for the Denver Teacher Residency, she has taught masters level classes in Urban Education, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, and Literacy for Secondary Math and Science Teachers. She is currently serving as an Instructional Coach at the Pan American School of Porto Alegre, Brazil, where she is leading the schoolwide initiative to become a more culturally responsive and inclusive community. You can follow her on Twitter @kmorekin and on Instagram @educatorsforhumanity.


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