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2018 AASSA Educators’ Conference- Quito, Ecuador

The Power of Yet, a phrase coined by Carol Dweck, is simply about teachers and students having a “growth mindset”: celebrating that we are all on a learning journey and believing that we all have the ability to improve.  This hopeful mindset sees success as a future result of engaging with and learning from one’s mistakes.

This is in stark contrast to the “fixed mindset” which has typically defined the educational process—a mindset based in “the tyranny of now” which defines a student’s result at a given point in time as either a success or a failure.  This approach has encouraged students to run away from their errors, seek constant validation and rewards for their efforts, or brand themselves a failure and give up.

Carol Dweck’s research has shown that the concept of “not yet” has resulted in students embracing challenges, learning from their errors, and persisting in the face of setbacks.  They come to see effort as a pathway to mastery—an idea reinforced by Malcolm Gladwell’s research that expertise develops only after about 10,000 hours of practice.  The ultimate result of teaching from the vantage point of “the power of yet” is that students develop the confidence and resiliency so as to persevere and progress

Now Accepting Workshop Proposals for Quito 2018!

Teacher workshops have become an integral part of the AASSA Educators’ Conference and teachers in the region are encouraged to put themselves forward.  The Quito conference will feature two different types of presentations:

  1. Teacher Workshop (60 and 90-minute workshops)

  2. Ted Talk Workshop (60 minutes)

Presentations must be evaluated by a panel at each presenter’s school and the head of the school must submit the ranked sheet to me by October 26th at the latest.  We will then schedule the top-ranked presentations.

If you need any information on this process, please contact either Esther ( or Paul (

To submit a proposal, please visit:

The absolute deadline for submission of workshop proposals is October 16th.

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