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AMISA Teacher Recruitment Fair Logistics

We are excited for you to join us for our Teacher Recruitment Fair! Please

review the following logistical information in preparation for the event.


The Fair will be held at:

The Atlanta International School

2890 North Fulton Drive

Atlanta, Georgia 30305, USA

Dates & Times

Friday, Dec. 9, 2022 (DAY 1)

4:30 PM - Recruiter Check-in, Orientation and Table Set-up.

5:45 PM - Candidate Check-in & Orientation.

6:30-8:00 PM - Interview Sign-Ups and Networking.

Saturday, Dec. 10, 2022 (DAY 2)

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM - In-person Interviews. 


Recruiters are responsible for arranging their own travel arrangements for the fair. This includes airfare, airport transfers, and daily transportation to and from the event. Uber or Lyft are accessible options in Atlanta.

Hotel Information

Recruiters are responsible for arranging all lodging for the fair.  Links for discounted hotel rooms was emailed to all recruiters registered in the database. 


Recruiters are responsible for all of their own meals during the event.  As a courtesy, we will provide light refreshments (sub sandwiches, drinks, etc.) on December 10 (Day 2 of the fair). 

Accessing Candidate Files 




  • To review ISS Candidate files click here and enter the password below.

  • Password: ISSAMISA22atl

Recruiter Logistics


  • Registration will take place at The Atlanta International School.

  • Look for AMISA Recruitment Fair signs and student ambassadors to direct you.


  • Use this form or go to to report any job offers you make.

  • Remember, AMISA Recruiters are not charged an additional fee for hires made. We ask that you complete the form for AMISA staff data collection purposes and to assist us in keeping our database maintained, with the most up-to-date vacancies and candidates listed.


  • Recruiter Orientation at 4:30pm on Friday, December 9th in classroom 4-210 (in the gym) is mandatory for all 1st time AMISA Recruiters.

  • We kindly request that all Recruiters attend the Orientation and all Recruiters report to AIS by 4:30pm.

  • Please review our AMISA Recruiting Service Ethics Statement (Terms and Conditions).


  • Set-up can begin after Recruiter Orientation at 4:30pm on Friday, December 9th.

  • Take-down can begin after all interviews have been completed on December 10th.


  • One 6ft table and two chairs will be provided.

  • Bring your own tablecloth or table covering (none will be provided).

  • Pop-up displays must be able to fit on top of the table or behind the table.

  • Tables may include school printed materials, takeaways, etc.

  • Tables will be marked with school names. 

  • Tables will not have power outlets available.

  • Table displays to advertise current openings will be provided.


  • WIFI access will be available for all recruiters within the school complex using the AIS Public network.


  • Recruiters are kindly asked to attend the Dec. 9 interview sign-ups, even if your interview schedule for Saturday is full.  Use the time to network with Candidates and welcome Candidates considering our region. We will have a reception for Recruiters only immediately following the close of interview sign-ups on Dec. 9. 

  • Please be sure to RSVP for the Reception:


  • Some schools will interview in the gym at the same table used for interview sign-ups, and some schools will be assigned a classroom to use for interviews.  Interview locations are listed below.  If you school is not listed then your interview location is in the gym at your table. Please communicate your interview location to Candidates when scheduling interviews for Dec. 10. 

SATURDAY INTERVIEW LOCATIONS (if not listed your school is interviewing in the gym)

  • Inform Candidates where you will interview when scheduling interviews.

    • Asociacion Escuelas Lincoln - 1-G01

    • ​Pan American School of Porto Alegre - Gym: 4-238

    • Colegio Nueva Granada - Gym: 4-210

    • GI School - 1-G02

    • The Columbus School - 1-G17

    • Inter-American Academy of Guayaquil - 1-G08

    • American School of Guatemala - Gym: 4-230

    • American School of Asuncion - 1-G14

    • Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt - 1-G16

    • Atlanta International School - Gym: 4-248


  • In advance of the fair, please email

  • At the fair, please WhatsApp or call Dereck at (843) 227-6187.

AIS Recruitment Fair Map.png
Map to Reception

Map to Reception

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