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Welcome to Our Newest Members & Heads of School

Invitational Member School

Newest Associate Members

An updated list of Associate Members and event sponsors appears on the AASSA website. Please Educational Technology Recruiting support our region’s Associate Members by availing yourself of their services and products.



Welcome to Our New Heads of School

  1. Andrew Melnyk, Knightsbridge Schools Internationals, Panama

  2. Barney Latham, International School of Port of Spain, Trinidad

  3. Dan Yamasaki, Colegio Panamericao, Colombia

  4. Elza Cristina Giostri, Escuela Internacional de Joinville, Brazil

  5. Eron Strong, Colegio Albania, Colombia

  6. Esther Dayan, Escola Beit Yaacov, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  7. Gustavo Sever, The American International School of Bolivia, Cochabamba

  8. John Gillespie, Colegio Alberto Einstein, Quito, Ecuador

  9. Kathy Fine, Colegio ATID, Mexico City, Mexico

  10. Kristina Nefstead, Centro Educativo Internacional Anzoátegui, Venezuela

  11. Larry Molacek, Pan American School of Bahia, Brazil

  12. Michael Boots, International School of Curitiba, Brazil

  13. Mike Johnston, Colegio Maya, Guatemala

  14. Pablo Chiappe, Colegio Bureche, Colombia

  15. Rafael Serna, Escuela Las Morochas, Venezuela

  16. Robert Trent, Country Day School, Costa Rica

  17. Ruth Allen, The Columbus School, Medellin, Colombia

  18. Terry Christian, Escuela Campo Alegre, Caracas, Venezuela

  19. Tom Pado, Escola Americana de Campinas, Brazil


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