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Upcoming AASSA Conference News

Upcoming AASSA Conference News

2015 AASSA Educators’ Conference Hosted by the International School of Curaçao

March 26-28, 2015

Hotel Deadlines: January 25 to February 12 Conference Registration Deadline: February 17


No Teacher is an Island: Making Connections

Please visit the AASSA website ( for information.

A conference overview is posted at: RichardsonEducating Modern Learners: Rethinking Schools and Classrooms for a Globally Networked WorldMichael Thompson The Pressured Child: Helping Your Child Find Success in School and LifeCatherine Steiner-AdairThe Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital AgeMichael FisherYour Own GPS: Where Are Your Going and How Do You Get There?Featured WorkshopsWill Richardson·     Exploring New Literacies for a World of Networked, Self-Directed Learners and Makers

·     From Old School to Bold School: Making the Jump from Traditional to Modern LearningMichael Thompson·     Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Community, Friendship, Social Power and Bullying in Childhood

·     Understanding Families and Working with Difficult Parents

·     It’s a Boy:   Understanding Male Development from Kindergarten through High SchoolCatherine Steiner-Adair·     Fast Forward Childhood:  When to Push Pause, Delete and Play:  The Impact of Tech on Elementary School Children’s Development and Education (elementary]

·     The Student You See and that Student Online:  How Schools Can Use Tech as an Ally to Build Healthy Relationships and Strengthen School Community (Middle & High School)

·     Educating Girls to Lead:  Teaching Smart Girls to Outsmart Unhealthy Cultural Values

·     Full of Ourselves:  A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power Health and LeadershipMichael Fisher ·     Upgrade Your Curriculum:  Practical Ways to Transform Unites and Engage Students

·     Digital Learning Strategies:  How Do I Assign and Assess Digital Work?Vincent Ventura·     A Recipe for Raising a Literacy Learner:  Building Home/School Connections that Really Work

·     For the Love of Language:  Empowering ESL Literacy Learners in Early Childhood Classrooms

·     21st Century Readers and Writers:  A New Era for New Ways to Teach and Guide Growing Learners

·     Rethinking Small Group Instruction in Literacy:  One Size Does NOT Fit All!Dickie Thomasson·       Lost?  Finding Area from Middle School through Calculus  (Pre-AP Math)

·       Connecting Algebra to Calculus:  Adapting Advanced Questions for Earlier Grades (Pre-AP Math)

·       It’s Time for Some Fun and Games in High School Mathematics (Pre-AP Math)

·       What’s the Function (Pre-AP Math)Christian Cicoria·       Using Journaling as Foundation for Expository Writing and Revision (Pre-AP English)

·       Approaching Syntax and Schemes in ELA (Pre-AP English)

·       The Jigsaw Approach in the ELA Classroom (Pre-AP English)

·       Socratic Seminar and Student Centered Discussions (Pre-AP English)Belinda Karge & Karen Parker·       Strategies to Engage ALL Elementary Students

·       Strategies to Engage ALL Secondary Students

·       College and Career Advising:  How to Advise and Encourage Students to Use Current and Relevant Online Resources and Tools for Post-Secondary Planning

·       Defining Disabilities and Cultivating Gifts:  Strategies to Support College and Career Readiness for Atypical LearnersMark Engstrom·       Start to Blend

·       Blending Further

·       Managing a Blended Learning Environment

A few important notes:

  1. The conference registration deadline is February 17th. Register online at:

  2. We have group rates at four hotels with reservation deadlines from January 25th through February 15th. Please reserve through the AASSA website at:

  3. Optional tours and experiences on the island will be offered on Saturday afternoon and on the days following the conference. Please see Touracao’s offerings on our website:

Because of space limitations, the conference registration will close at 500 participants and there will be a maximum of 38 exhibitors’ tables.



Hope to see you in Curaçao


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