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Unpacking the #AASSA15 Twitter Feed

Twitter can be overwhelming, even for a seasoned Twitterer.

  1. We use tools, such as Tweetdeck, to help us organize the tweets coming in

  2. we use #hashtags to filter and connect our conversations

  3. we @mention, we RT, we DM, we #FF

  4. we participate in #edchats

  5. we give credit where credit is due

  6. we take notes

  7. we disseminate interesting information to our network

  8. we amplify our voices to engage in conversation with people from around the world

Yes, it can be overwhelming to follow a conference Twitter hashtag such as #AASSA15 from the last few days. (Day 1, Day 2).

Below you will find a few sreenshots of Tweets from the AASSA conference in Curaçao. Unpacked and annotexted for you to make the value of Twitter as a Professional Development tool, a learning tool visible to the untrained eye.

Documenting and showing process


Different additions and purpose of tweeting a single quote by the keynote speaker


Note taking strengthened by multiple people (compared to traditional solitary/individual note taking)


Visual note taking, giving followers a glimpse into multiple classrooms/presentations. Impossible to do physically (being in multiple places at the same time)


Using photos or visuals to personalize a Twitter message


Twitter is not only a platform to create and store your own notes in 140 characters or less. It is meant for connecting, sharing, communicating by participating in a conversation.


140 characters not enough? Link to a blog post, share your reflections, learning and further resources.


Twitter is about connecting and learning together when you can’t be in the same physical space.



Using Twitter as a reflective tool, exit ticket or as a Visible Thinking Routine


Twitter is real. Twitter “can” go beyond banal sharing of what you consumed for dinner or how your dog feels on any particular day. It is up to you HOW you use the platform.

Twitter is real. The connections that are forged by communicating, sharing and learning together as teachers are real.

Twitter is real. Twitter as a platform to bring educators from around the world together to string their learning and conversations together.

How do you unpack our Twitter feed and make learning and connections visible to others?

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