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University of Wisconsin announces the Appointment of Jon Nordmeyer as the new International Programs

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI— WIDA announces the appointment of Jon Nordmeyer as the new International Programs Director. Jon comes to WIDA with more than 20 years of experience teaching at international schools in China, Ecuador, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Turkey, and most recently, Thailand.

Jon’s role as new International Programs Director will be essential in guiding the expansion of WIDA’s work in international contexts. The mission of WIDA is to advance academic language development and academic achievement for linguistically diverse students through high quality standards, assessments, research, and professional development for educators. In the past ten years, many international schools have adopted the WIDA English language development framework to integrate curriculum, instruction and assessment. Jon will guide the research, development and implementation of WIDA resources to support English language learners in international schools.

Jon brings a passion for professional learning and advocacy on behalf of English language learners. He has presented at national and international conferences in more than twenty countries and has taught graduate seminars at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Tibet University. Jon has written for The International Schools Journal and The Journal of Staff Development. He also co- authored Integrating Language and Content (TESOL, 2010), and contributed to Co-Teaching and Other Collaborative Practices in the EFL/ESL Classroom.

“WIDA is committed to offering English language development resources and assessments for the international school community,” said WIDA executive director, Tim Boals. “Bringing Jon on board cements this commitment for providing quality advancements applicable to international school needs. We’re thrilled to add him to our team.”

Nordmeyer has a clear view of his immediate goals in the new position. “I believe that WIDA has the potential to transform teaching and learning in international schools. WIDA resources can ignite professional collaboration through the integration of language and content learning so all students have the opportunity to succeed.”

The U.S. WIDA Consortium comprises 36 state education agencies. The WIDA International Schools Consortium began in March 2013 and has steadily grown to include more than 180 member schools.

Information about the WIDA International Schools Consortium can be found at

About WIDA is part of the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research at UW-Madison and provides English language development standards and assessments around the world.

WCEPS, the non-profit partner of WIDA, manages the international consortium and the WIDA Store.

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