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Threering – P.E. e-Portfolio

Threering – P.E. e-Portfolio Flavia Mizukawa and Leandro Poersch International School of Curitiba


Education in the 21st century is changing rapidly and students must be actively involved in their learning process.

One way to do this is to create an e-portfolio – an online version of the traditional portfolio which can be easily accessed and updated anywhere. With the help of this technology, students can verify their progress during the year, making the assessment an evaluation for learning and not just an assessment of learning.

By creating their e-portfolio, students add pictures, reports, videos and reflections that show not only their performance but also their development in Physical Education classes – building a story of their individual learning process.

At ISC, after piloting the Physical Education e-portfolio for one year, was observed that portfolios on their own development can help students to acquire skills like critical thinking, creativity, self-reflection and also provides practice in writing as well as time and effort management.

Due to the positive outcome of the method, ISC has now being implementing a curriculum-appropriate P.E. e-Portfolio for ECC, Elementary and Middle School students.

iPads and specific web based, user-friendly and  safe platforms   are used by ISC students and teachers  to gather, share and analyze evidence from students work .

In summary, a portfolio goes beyond the simple process of showing evidence of work. It is a process that engages students to be active participants in their learning. Its purpose is to have the student as the main character in his/her learning process and share the responsibility in accomplishing their learning goals with the teacher.



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