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The Pan American School of Bahia announces Opening of New Early Childhood Center

The Pan American School of Bahia (PASB) is proud to announce the opening of our new Early Childhood Center (ECC)


The new ECC campus has 2 buildings with 96m² classrooms for 3-6 year old students (Pre K-3 – Kindergarten). Each classroom has a kitchen for creative cooking classes, stage for presentations/drama and a classroom library for a maximum of 18 students per class. The new campus also has a new cafeteria, infirmary, multi-purpouse rooms, anfi-theater and a green area with playground and soccer field.

Joining both campuses, we have over 100 new students and more than 70 new employees working together to ensure that our school is clean and safe and that the best possible educational environment and program continue to contribute to PASB’s history and tradition of excellence.

The Pan American School of Bahia prepares students to face challenges as confident, principled global citizens. Our outstanding American and Brazilian programs, offered in a safe and nurturing environment, empower students to reach their fullest potential.


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