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The Next Wave of Learning

By Adam Slaton, AMISA’s Chief Learning Officer

The Next Wave of Learning

Over the next months, we will be offering over 18 workshops, or workshop series, to our region. All of the learning experiences encompass themes within our three Professional Learning Strands of Visionary Leadership, Progressive Learning, and Vibrant Communities.


As part of our professional learning plan at AMISA, we are committed to focusing on elevating our regional expertise and expanding opportunities for our educators. We are pleased to include several AMISA educators in our next round of learning experiences for the region: Matt Hajdun, Shauna Hobbs-Beckley, Lili Borrero, Shannon Hobbs-Beckley, Alysa Perreras, and Kristen Moreland will be engaging learners through a multitude of workshops or workshop series! Elevating the expertise and experience from within our region is a key element in moving our Professional Learning Plan forward as an organization. We are excited to learn from our colleagues in the region and look forward to expanding opportunities as we grow in 2021. If you are interested in sharing your expertise, please contact me at


Expanding learning opportunities for all educators of our member schools is something that we are committed to as an organization. As part of our Professional Learning Plan, we are working on diversifying our learning experiences to include opportunities delivered in Spanish and Portuguese. In this next wave of learning, we will be offering a few workshops in Spanish: El ABC de la Educación de Carácter from Lili Borrero, as well as two sessions focused on DEIJ initiatives from Dr. Derrick Gay, Diversidad e inclusión en las escuelas internacionales and Conversaciones valientes sobre el racismo en las escuelas internacionales. As we move forward, our goal is to provide more and more opportunities in Spanish and Portuguese. If you are interested in presenting in either of these two languages, or know someone who is, please contact me at


We are excited to offer a Featured Series this spring in place of our annual Educators’ Conference. Join Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey as they guide our understanding of Connected Learning in today’s environment. There will also be dedicated time for educators to think-tank and network with each other around relevant topics in our region. It is poised to be event that will provide educators with practical strategies to connect learning during ever-changing times. Register today for this learning experience and we look forward to seeing you in March! 


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