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Take a Stand as a School on Climate Change!

No Planeta B, in conjunction with the Global Issues Network (GIN), the Climate Reality Project and other organizations request that schools sign the Schools Act-On-Climate Declaration by choosing 5 actions–some of which they may be doing already–that will implement sustainability on their schools.

There are no hidden fees nor contracts to sign, just a Declaration of intent from the schools to send a message to others they are leading to mitigate what has been called the biggest threat to children’s future, Climate Change.

We will acknowledge all signatory schools on our website, on social media and at special side event in Paris where we will present them to the UN’s Executive together with our Act On Climate petition for world leaders. This campaign is being launched for EARTH Day in hopes of having as many schools as possible sign. It is also a great activity to involve the community as we have included a PARENTS DECLARATION in hope to get them engaged as well. If you need more information, please visit the website:

Thanks for your school’s support. Paul


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