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Supercharge Your STEAM Literacy Skills!

Written by: Tyler Sheldon, Director of Teaching and Learning, The American School of Asuncion

Join the 3rd Annual AMISA STEAM Educators Virtual Institute! We teach for the future by igniting students' inquiry, applying design thinking to projects, and fueling 21st-century skills through STEM and the arts. Be part of the movement as we investigate integrated STEAM units, flexible learning spaces, successful STEAM learning in elementary classrooms, common barriers to STEAM in middle and high school, and more. This two-day institute is powered by LATAM STEAM educators for LATAM STEAM educators and is the key opportunity for us to connect, share what we love, and give back to the community.

Interested in presenting a STEAM tool, learning approach, community connection, success story, or more? Open to all disciplines and grade levels.

steam workshop
STEAM Educators Virtual Institute

In 2021, the American School of Asuncion brought our STEAM team together with three other local schools for a two-day workshop on design thinking, engineering challenges, and pandemic-powered STEAM resources. The event was focused but impactful and led to the question, “What does STEAM look like in LATAM international schools?”

The following year, in 2022, nearly 100 STEAM educators and leaders from over 12 LATAM international schools came together to connect as a community and share what we love. The event hosted workshops on interdisciplinary projects, engineering challenges, STEM standards, inquiry approaches, design thinking, 3D printing, robotics, pseudocode, math representations, NGSS phenomena, STEM simulators, and more. Specific sessions created opportunities for job-alikes, panel discussions, and networking. We connected as a region and agreed to do it again the next year.

This year we intend to continue with this success by again providing a free and open-source stage for LATAM international school educators to connect. Join us this coming October 27th and 28th for a free two-day institute to supercharge your STEAM literacy skills!

Director of Teaching and Learning

The American School of Asuncion


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