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Student Scholarships and Awards

AASSA’s 2016 Margaret Sanders Foundation Scholarship Nominee

This year’s Margaret Sander’s Scholarship Award nominee from the AASSA region for her dedication to and embodiment of service to her school and community is Karina Lang from the Lincoln School in Costa Rica.

Karina embodies the award Margaret Sanders envisioned when she created her scholarship foundation: she is academically successful, service-minded, and highly involved in all aspects of student life.

Karina is member of National Honor Society  and is involved in a wide variety of service activities from serving on the MUN steering community and co-head for two years; she is a member of Mu Alpha Theta, a math honor society which held a first ever Central American Math League competition; she is a member of the school’s magazine and is a member of the cross-country varsity team; in her spare time she volunteers at a nursing home and a dog shelter, tutors both math and science students, and is involved with Spirituality for Kids.

We look forward to the final selection in February and hope that Karina is a recipient of one of the scholarships.


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