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Sketchnoting Will Richardson’s Session: From Old Schools to Bold Schools

Sketchnoting is a form of visual note taking gaining rapid popularity among professionals and students.


I was asked several times today which app I use to draw the sketchnotes on my iPad. There are several apps on the market. I personal preference is the iPad app Paper by FiftyThree, which is available for free in the iTunes store.

There are many resources available to start sketchnoting (with a pencil and a paper or digitally). To learn about the basics you can start with the following slidedeck.

I have learned 3 things, since I started dabbling with doodling 🙂

  1. You don’t have to be an artist ( I am not…)

  2. The process of thinking involved AS you are creating the sketchnote about a topic is “mindblowing”.

  3. Sketchnoting helps me process and digest a talk, wrap my mind around a large amount of information and organize my thoughts better. I am using sketchnoting as part of my learning process.

Links & Resources:



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