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Showcase Your School, Your City, Your Country and International Teaching

The recruiting season is upon us. Many International educators are making the decision of staying at their current school or moving on. Deadlines to let current schools know of their intent are looming. AASSA’s recruiting fair in December is less than two months away.

AASSA is looking for short and informal video clips showcasing and highlighting International Teaching, your school, your campus, city and country. These video clips will give potential candidates an insight and answer questions such as:

  1. Why did you go into International teaching? What are the benefits? Disadvantages?

  2. How does the campus look and feel like at School X or in Country Y?

  3. What do you like about your school, city, country?

  4. What are some tips and tricks for potential candidates looking to go into International teaching?

  5. What do administrators look for to find a match in school culture or philosophy?

  6. How do best prepare your CV to apply for an International position?

Please note the emphasis on “informal”. These are not professionally created marketing video, but personalized videos shot with your smartphones or self-recorded interviews with your tablet’s or laptop’s webcam. The videos should not be more than 3-5 minutes long and recorded by administrators, teachers or students.

The videos will be embedded here on our AASSA blog and will be tagged with your school name and country to give easy  search access to candidates interested in applying for one of your positions.


Please note: When creating and submitting a video for publication on the AASSA blog, please make sure that you are not using any copyrighted media, ex. music, images or videos. You must have recorded the video, taken the images yourself and/or received permission by the owner to use them. Purchasing a song from iTunes or downloading a song  from the Internet does not extend  the use to re-purposing the song (as background music for example)  and publishing it. You can use music and audio files that have been licensed under Creative Commons by the owner.  Please give credit at the end of the video.

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