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REDEFINING FAIR: How to Plan, assess and grade for excellence in mixed ability classrooms K-12

A two day institute will be held on January 17 & 18 at the American School of Brasilia featuring Damian Cooper entitled REDEFINING FAIR:  How to Plan, assess and grade for excellence in mixed ability classrooms K-12.

Differentiation is a necessary response to the changing demography of schools, to our deepening understanding of how students learn, and to the changing demands of society and the world at large. But the greatest obstacles to differentiation are outdated beliefs about “fairness”. As long as fairness is equated with sameness, teachers, students and parents will perceive variations in teaching and assessment as being unfair. In these sessions, Damian invites educators to rethink how we need to redefine our understanding of “fairness” and “excellence” in 21st. century schools. He then describes how teachers must plan, assess, and grade in ways that demand excellence from all students. And if a commitment to excellence is the mission of today’s schools, teachers must be highly skilled in adapting curriculum assessment, and instruction on the basis of students’ differing strengths, needs and interests. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, video-clips and activities, Damian will engage participants in an examination of current assessment research, as well as demonstrate highly effective classroom strategies.Learning Outcomes for Participants: Participants will be asked to consider “Five Imperatives” that should guide teachers’ work with respect to curriculum, instruction, assessment, grading, and reporting in mixed ability classes: 1. Curriculum must be meaningful, coherent and relevant. 2. Instruction must be responsive to students’ needs. 3. Assessment must be informative. 4. Grading must blend consistency with professional judgement. 5. Communication about learning must be truthful and transparent

The cost is $100 for AASSA member schools and $200 for non-member schools. Please register before December 10th  

This conference is being wholly organized by ASB but sponsored by AASSA and the U.S. Department of State Office of Overseas Schools as part of our new initiative to encourage schools to offer professional development events for schools in the AASSA region.


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