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Recap of the 2017 AASSA Educators’ Conference in Rio de Janeiro

By all measures the AASSA “Re” Educators’ Conference was a great success. Approximately 650 educators gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on March 30 – April 1. 2017. Three featured presenters facilitated institutes and gave keynote presentations that challenged participants to question and change the traditional structure of international education. Additionally, faculty from the AASSA region facilitated over 140 practitioner workshops, there were two EdCamp sessions, and highly successful reverse mentoring sessions facilitated by EARJ students. In addition, an Institute-Within-The Conference ran each day for 60 self-selected participants to focus on the reinvention of education.  A very special thanks to the faculty and staff at Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro (EARJ) who were amazingly gracious hosts!

We hope to see everyone next year in Quito!


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