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Orion Entertainment is looking for Americans Moving Abroad


What does it take to move abroad? Vacationing to an international destination is one thing, relocating to one (whether for work or personal preference) is a whole other matter from living spaces to cultural dos and don’ts. Jump on board for a helluva ride where nothing is taken for granted and where most Americans will be screaming, “there’s no place like home!” Orion Entertainment is seeking American couples and families who are moving to foreign towns and/or cities where living in a grass hut is within the new realm of possibility and acquiring groceries is a little more involved than hopping in a car to the neighborhood supermarket. Destinations of interest are places where NOTHING CAN BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED: shelter, food, power, dealing with animal pests and other local hazards indigenous to the local culture (Mongolia, central Africa, Amazon jungle, Indonesia, etc). Acclimating and immersing into a new culture raises the bar when it comes to adventure and this new show intends to capture every moment from packing the bags, the house, and the kids to landing and living in the new international destination. One thing is guaranteed, there will be culture shock, desirable and undesirable; and, we hope to capture all of it! Are you in the process of relocating internationally to a place that’s less travelled, way off the beaten path? Has the new plan to move abroad prompted you to embrace another language and/or alphabet? Are you presently in the process of acquiring a visa, a passport and travel inoculations? If yes is the answer to some, if not all of these questions, we would love to hear from you!

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