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Intro Webinar: The Human Leader

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Workshop Overview

Being a human is hard enough let alone leading other humans (especially during a global pandemic.) We want to be great leaders who are seen as competent, kind and supportive of our people, yet our own or others drama, dysfunction and challenging behavior can get in the way and make it seem out of reach.If you’d like support for navigating the human elements of leadership (performance, connection, trust, etc.), join us for an introductory webinar to see if The Human Leader is the right program for you.Whether you’re leading teachers, your peers or even wanting to show up as a leader in your community with parents, caregivers and other stakeholders, The Human Leader applies to anyone who is willing to see themselves as a leader and wants to show up as a leader. No formal titles required. During the intro webinar, you’ll get to taste of the content and approach as well as actionable takeaways. We’ll spend 20-30 minutes on content as well as 10-15 minutes on Q&A.


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