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International Teaching: Meet & Greet

November 7 & 21, 2020.

Don’t wait and register now!

Who might want to attend the AASSA Virtual Meet & Greet?

Are you an educator? Have you thought about pursuing a career in education? Are you intrigued by the possibility of teaching at an American or International school in Latin America or the Caribbean? The Meet & Greet events are the perfect opportunity to find out more about a career in International education. You might also want to check out our website or our blog to learn more about our schools and teaching abroad.

What can I expect at the Virtual Recruiting Meet & Greet Event?

The Meet & Greet events are informal opportunities for you to visit our members schools’ virtual booths with information about their schools, communities, cities and countries. You will be able to chat with school recruiters about general information and questions you might have. You must register(- ) for the Meet & Greet events (even if you already have a candidate profile in the AASSA database).

First Steps

Please register for AASSA Virtual Recruiting Meet & Greet. On the day of the Meet & Greet, at the time listed for the event log into with the email you provided during registration. Once you are logged in, you can visit the AASSA office or directly head to the school booth hall.

What can I expect on the day of the event?

As in any in-person Meet & Greet, it is time to network and to “meet and greet” as many people as possible. Take the time to visit as many school booths as possible and not just the schools or countries that are your top choices. Visit the school booths, view the schools’ presentations, watch their videos and check out their media links. You can also build your swag bag by adding specific resources and videos to save for future references in your swag bag.

You can also watch all school videos by entering the Video Vault tab within our Lobby.

How can I chat with a school recruiter?

Once you enter a school booth, you are able to chat in a group chat with the school’s recruiter. School recruiters can also invite you into a private chat room.

Can I browse for job vacancies?

There will be no job vacancies posted during our Meet & Greet events. Only AASSA candidates can browse the AASSA database with school openings.

Can I apply for a position during the Meet & Greet?

Our Meet & Greet Events are not the time to apply for a position. In order to express interest in a posted position from our members schools, you need to have applied and have an approved candidacy in our database.

How can I find out more information about a particular school, region or country?

To learn more about a particular school, region or country, visit our school booths and engage with their recruiters in the chat rooms and view their resources, videos and media they are presenting,

What is the difference between the Meet & Greet and the AASSA Virtual Recruiting Fair?

The official AASSA Virtual Recruiting Fair will be held on December 4th-6th, when you will have a chance to participate in Interview sign ups, connect with school recruiters, conduct interviews, and accept positions. In order to participate in our Virtual Recruiting Fair, you MUST be an accepted candidate and paid the one-time fee of $50.

Will I be able to register for the AASSA Virtual Recruiting Fair during the Meet & Greet?

You can apply to become an AASSA candidate at any time. Be advised that it takes time to complete the application (including three confidential references from current and past employers and supervisors—not colleagues or friends!) and be accepted into our database.

To apply to become an AASSA candidate, please register at


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