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InterAmerican Academy’s Experience in MUN Conferences

Mrs. Lila Baldeón MUN General Coordinator High School Spanish Teacher Journalism Club Coordinator InterAmerican Academy – Guayaquil, Ecuador


Last October my secondary students and I attended the MUN Conferences in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This project evidenced the students learning, having as a guide an interpretative communication and expository (oral and written). They not only dominate the language but also learned debating techniques, public exposing and writing papers.


They developed an active, positive, and participative attitude, demonstrating at all times their abilities and to learn the language, always with enthusiasm, organizing their time and giving their works in a perfect way.

See my students work (video) and about their MUN experience.

United Nations Model is also known as MNU or MUN emerged as teaching methodology at the University of Harvard in 1948, is a simulation system of the UNITED NATIONS, involving students-university level.


Students that participate, represent various diplomatic members countries of the UN, for which they should be trained in topics such as culture, domestic and foreign policy, economy and society, to discuss real issues of national and international interest in the bodies and committees of the UN. For this and more, the MUN is an educational and cultural event class, which not only promotes growth and academic training of students, but also facilitates the development of skills such as public speaking, rhetoric and negotiation, which are useful in personal and professional life of those involved.


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