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Improving Student Learning through Assessment and Feedback with Bambi Betts

Ideal for school teams focused on developing practical strategies for using assessment data and feedback to improve student learning. All grades welcome!

When: January 16th and 17th, 2016 8am to 4pm at the American School of Brasilia

Cost: R$ 275,00 for AASSA schools R$ 350,00 for non-AASSA schools

To register:

Please go to the following link Deadline for sign-up: December 1st , 2015

Description During this weekend, participants will:

  1. Explore the transformational power of formative feedback – and the nature of a true feedback ‘loop’

  2. Practice ongoing assessment strategies and more fully understand that they are the key tools in empowering both teachers and learners

  3. Explore and practice what it truly means to have a democratic classroom, in which the student ́s voice is heard and valued

For more information: please contact Sue Easton Deputy Head of School for Learning American School of Brasilia



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