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From Your Executive Director

Welcome Back

My Swansong Year

As part of a succession plan approved by the AASSA Board, this will be my final academic year as Executive Director of AASSA. It’s incomprehensible that 10 years have passed so quickly! During this decade, I have had the privilege of working with a region of schools populated with people I have come to love. I have also had the joy of working with the AASSA staff who are more like family than employees. I look forward to this final year as Executive Director and will continue for a subsequent year (2018-2019) as a member of the AASSA staff and will have the privilege of working with my successor. The Board will announce the new Executive Director in December at the annual Business Meeting in Atlanta as well as the structure for the transitional year.


New Offerings at AASSA for the Year Ahead

Our goals for the year include the following undertakings and additions:

  1. Surveying school heads for input into AASSA’s future development in preparation for the Board’s September Strategic Planning Session

  2. Providing heads of school with a timely synthesis of educational research through the weekly Marshall Memo and monthly Klingbrief from Columbia Teachers’ College

  3. Promoting our new Consultant Search Service which provides schools the opportunity to inexpensively utilize master teachers within the region as professional development consultants

  4. Sponsoring ever-more school-based institutes (15 are scheduled to date!)

  5. Expanding AASSA’s Google Group listserves to include Admissions Directors and HR directors

  6. Partnering with ISS for AASSA’s and ISS’s Recruiting Fairs in Atlanta and New York

  7. Establishing a centers of excellence database for schools within our region so that other schools may draw upon and visit schools that have cutting-edge programs

  8. AASSA entered a new partnership with CIS (Council of International Schools) which will result in participating in and accessing educational research projects

  9. Monthly Twitter Chats as a new form of ongoing professional development.


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