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Colegio Nueva Granada Hosts Second Annual Learning Center Symposium

Catalina Artunduaga, Learning Center Director & Maria Paula Camargo, Associate Learning Center Director

Colegio Nueva Granada proudly hosted it’s second annual Learning Center Symposium on September 21 and 22, 2017. Over 70 educators from schools around Colombia as well as from 6 other countries in Central and South America (Guatemala, Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Panamá and Chile) attended the event, where the theme was “Response to Intervention to Maximize All Learners”. During two intensive days, educators attended interactive sessions that allowed them to advance and enhance their school’s inclusive education programs and research-based practices. These sessions were tailored for interdisciplinary team members who facilitate growth, potential, and independence in their students with learning challenges.

This year, the Symposium featured international speakers Dr. Kevin Feldman and Dr. Ed Ellis, who delivered keynote presentations about 21st Century Literacy and Response to Intervention. Other topics for the sessions led by CNG staff included Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, dyslexia, co-teaching, implementing peer networks of support, social skills instruction, Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions in Middle School, among others. Participants were also able to attend Q&A sessions with the Learning Center Director and Associate Director.

Feedback from attendees at the end of the Symposium was overwhelmingly positive. Participants commented on the high quality of the presentations, including how engaging, knowledgeable, and clear the presenters were. Educators appreciated the wide variety of topics covered, as well as the great amount of information they received in each session. Many of the participants expressed their desire to continue holding this type of meetings, in order to continue learning from other educators around the region, sharing experiences in moving forward with inclusive education in their schools, and creating a supportive network among colleagues.

Looking to the future, CNG plans to continue hosting the Learning Center Symposium and adapting its format and content based on the needs of educators in the region as we continue enhancing our inclusive education programs.


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